Street Chalkboard for Kiehl's

These chalkboards are made of MDF. ODM can customise your very own chalkboards (or more well known as the A-boards). One or two faced, framed in different kinds of wood (pine, ayous, etc.) with many options of finishes (different colors, tinted, laquered, varnished).

There are many kinds of chalkboards: wall-mounted chalkboard, street chalkboard, mini chalkboard and so on.

Design your own chalkboards or let us do it for you. We will customize it to any shape and print it with silkscreen or photo quality digital print.

This is an example of customised street chalkboard by Kiehl's.

Take a look at other type of chalkboards here!

Wall-Mounted Chalkboard

Mini Chalkboard

Street Chalkboard

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