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POS Projects

Specialists in the Manufacture of Point of Sales Displays & Promotional POS display gifts.
Contact our team and we can design something really special for you.

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On Pack Promotions

You can find on the a huge database of more than 5000 products ODM blog.  Many of these could be used on-pack promos and you can also see a selection of In Store POS displays.

Product Display Case

Anti-theft cases for retail outlets & specialist shops: iPods, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, games, videos, books, mobile phones, accessories, batteries, razor blades, ink cartridges, memory cards, watches, pens, knives, software, X boxes, cameras, special large format cases, modems.

General display systems, exhibition pop up, advertising banner, light boxes, snap frame, roll up, flags, promotion posters, counters, truss, portable brochure stands, panels, magazine racks, promoters...

Advertising Displays

ODM can tailor POS advertising displays to client budgets.  
We can make unique items or large series items such as:
  • Tethered or remote control airships 
  • Tethered ODM mascots
  • LED or Neon Sign boxes
  • Displays in different material


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Point of Sales Promotions

The ODM Group is maintaining this blog to give you the latest news and views from the market for POS Promotions around the world. Check out a collection of case studies on What makes a good POS Display .  On this article you will see over 30 examples and we talk through the various styles and materials that you can use. Roll on over and give us your feedback.

Chalkboard (Street)

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