Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can be made of any rigid material such as wood, MDF, aluminium (dibond), cristal, acrylic etc. They are highly customisable using any combination of these materials, shaping them into your desired design.

Wall Clocks for Fitness Industry

ODM also can help you to brainstorm for interesting ideas. There are many ways to draw some attention to your brand by using clocks. You can use innovative idea such as this one by Y+ Yoga Center.

LED Wall Clock for Smirnoff Ice

There are other possibilities you can explore. You may put your logo as the backdrop of the clock like this Pepsi Cola clock. Consider also using LED for your wall clock. LED lit products will definitely draw attention to the branding. Check out the Smirnoff Ice clock! If you are offering something unique like a concept café, choose something that convey the theme you are adopting.

Wall Clock for Concept Café
Wall Clock for Pepsi Cola

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