Displays Countertop

Countertop displays are perfect exhibitors for products at their point of sale (POS). Customize your own using different materials, to match the product line. They will surely strengthen your product's positioning.

Display Countertop
These displays can be produced out of methacrylate (acrylic), wood, dibond (aluminium sandwich panel), MDF and mixed materials. These can be shaped by trimming, bending, folding, laser cutting on different thickness. This allows you to be creative in designing your countertop displays.

Wood and MDF can be lacquered, varnished or tinted through immersion, leaving wood grain veins visible. You may opt to paint them with opaque lacquers in all RAL colors. Acrylic raw material comes in translucent or opaque sheets. You may brand these with silkscreen or digital print.

Go all out by installing LED lighting systems that illuminate the logo or the product itself. LED lit displays will draw a lot of attention, especially at night. You can make it even more interesting by making it responsive to sound as well!

Display Countertop for Cosmetic

Sound Responsive Display Countertop

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